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I like to code. I like to hack. I like to build things. Below is a collection of software development and hardware projects that I’ve completed through my time here on earth.


Canvas Experiments

I was recently looking for a way to play around with the canvas tag in HTML5 and brush up on JS ES6 and ended up creating some experimental drawing applications. There are four. Lines Circles […]


Slice Intelligence

Slice Intelligence contracted Martian to build a new website to promote their collection of data analytics products and act as a home for their blog, The Brief. Using Zeplin, I worked closely with designers at […]


Three Things

Hearing about all of the negative things happening in the world on a daily basis can be a real downer. That’s why I created Three Things to help you remember all the things that bring […]


BSSP Employee Grid

Office culture is very important at BSSP. It is believed that each and every employee plays an integral part in developing the personality of company. In the lobby, there are two big television screens. So […]


Grassroots SF

Grassroots is a medical marijuana dispensary based in San Francisco’s Mission District. They wanted a simple website that housed both in-store and house call menus that was easy to maintain. The site was built using […]


Blue Shield Wellness Wheel

Blue Shield of California was attending conferences on college campuses all around the state and needed a way to invite youths to their booth. They had a giveaway wheel, but a physical giveaway wheel created […]


BSSP: Stuff We Make

Most people think of Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners as a traditional advertising agency that excels primarily in the areas of print and video. While that may be true, there are lots of projects that […]


The Apprecihater

For National Boss Appreciation Day, I built a site with some fellas at BSSP that allowed employees to, well… here’s what the about section say – Having trouble saying something nice about your boss? Type […]


When you are an advertising agency, it’s paramount that your website stay up to date with current trends and technology. I spent a portion of 2015 working closely with a creative to update BSSP’s site. […]



RxOIL is a Californian based company that needed a website to show off their line of high quality cannabinoid oil products. They wanted something flashy and up-to-date, so I created a full-browser parallax experience that […]


Marin Climate & Energy Partnership

The Department of Energy in Marin County in California wanted to create an interactive report card that showed how each town in the county faired in sixteen different categories from 2005 to 2012.  To create the map, each town was painstakingly […]


BSSP Fitness

My employer (BSSP) creates advertisements for clients. It’s important to know how well these advertisements are performing. In order to do that, we create charts. The d3.js framework is a very powerful javascript charting framework […]


SF City Guide

The SF City Guide is a digital pocket guide of San Francisco that I put together for the guests of a conference that BSSP hosted. It was built with both desktop and mobile experiences in mind […]


Food Coma King

A food brand I created based on my love for taking pictures of what I eat. I have built the Instagram account to over 23,000 followers in just six months and now have a blog […]



Pictagrid is a toolkit for serious Instagram users. Make photo collections with folders, create real-time subscriptions, track your growth, and analyze your posts like never before.


BSSP Best of 2012

A voting portal that allows the employees at BSSP to vote for what they think is the best work the company created in 2012.


This is Agent

Agent lets marketers hire top-grade freelance advertising talent directly–without going through an agency.


Let’s Not Do Lunch

“Let’s not do lunch” is an initiative from agency Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners that is part of a larger campaign led by Made by Many, a London-based agency who is spearheading this worldwide communications […]


The Social Ref

We all know about online etiquette. But we don’t all play by the rules. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the Social Ref—the first app ever that allows you to become your own Official web […]


BSSP Mezzanine Poopdeck

The problem? Only one bathroom for 60 people. The solution? Build a device leveraging Arduino’s chipsets and sensors that alerts employees when the bathroom is vacant via an icon on his or her application dock.